Monosialylated (2-3 linked) Diantennary Minus 1 Gal minus 1 GlcNAc plus proximal a1 linked 6Fucose

Recombinant antibodies N-glycans. Diantennary complex type NeuAc 2-3 linked to Gal and asialo truncated structures with proximal Fucose

For recombinant antibody glycocoslation quality control release testing by Oligosaccharide mapping and profiling procedures. These antibodies are pure and fully characterised and quantified N-glycan structures that can be present in antibodies from e.g. CHO cells. Our sialylated glycan antibody library contains structures with NeuAC linked in a2,3 linkage and all are available with and without proximal fucose. In addition a2,6 linked sialic acid containing oligosaccharides are available.

Monosialylated (2-3 linked)...
20 µg